Gay `and Straight Guys Sharing A Bed


The 2 men look like they have played together many times before without his wife around

07 February, 2019

I lov tis combination

12 February, 2019

This happened to me once when I was fucking a guy s wife. I was deep in her pussy when he came up behind me, lubed up my ass, and I felt him slide his 8" cock deep into me. We soon had a nice rhythm going and I came bareback in the wife and he came bareback in my ass. She also got an orgasm at the same time so we all were happy. Too bad they moved away.

13 February, 2019

Good friend

15 February, 2019

Meu sonho dar para dois homens bi, eu e outro chupando uma rola. Enquanto um me come o outro está sendo comido

17 February, 2019

Me two nights ago. Regular three some with boyfriend and his best friend. Nothing better.

17 February, 2019
Matt 360

Moreno lindo e gostoso!

18 February, 2019

id love to make both bf a d gf sat one time

21 February, 2019

I love to watch mmf videos

21 February, 2019

So hoooooot. I love this fuck

24 February, 2019

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